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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q Can I use yarn other than that stated in the pattern?

A Yes, but. It is best to use the recommended yarn, though of course you can use any colour of it. However, you could use a different yarn provided that the tension is exactly the same on the same needles. That means that there are the same number of stitches across and the same number of rows down for a 10 cm (4" square). This tension is stated in the pattern, on our website for the pattern and for the yarn, and on the ball bands of the yarn. You should always knit a tension square before starting knitting a garment, even if you think you are expert enough not to.

Q What does "yfwd" (yarn forward) mean when the yarn is already forward?

A It means create a stitch, in the form of yarn across the needle, and occurs particularly in lacy patterns. For example, "p1, yfwd, k1, p2 tog" means purl one stitch, leave the yarn where it is (instead of taking to back, thus creating a stitch), knit one, bring yarn to front (as usual) and purl 2 together.


Q I want to Login but I have forgotten my user name. How do I get this?

A Your user name is the email address that you gave when you ordered before. If you have a number of email addresses and can't remember which you gave, please contact us.

Our Service

Q If I were to place an order now when would I receive it?

A You can get the answer by clicking on Terms and Conditions. It will depend on when you are placing the order, which delivery option you choose in the Checkout, and your location. If you still have a question, please contact us by email or telephone and we will be pleased to help.

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