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Bergere Short Hat No 44 in Mag 169 Yarn Generation

Bergere Short Hat No 44 in Mag 169 Yarn Generation

Ref: KPBM12N44


PLEASE NOTE: when ordering this pattern, you will receive the instruction book of 51 patterns, especially suitable for teenagers and young adults, not just this pattern, and a glossy book with large colour photographs. The patterns are in English. Examples of patterns included are garments, such as edgy sweaters, socks, hats, snoods, for ladies or men, bags, throws, cushions, key holder, stress toy, rugs, laptop case, iPod armband, and more. Patterns are for a range of ability, including beginners with extra instructions, and the book also includes general instructions on how to knit and the stitches, with illustrations.

Yarn BallsSwatchOne Size
Bergere Ideal in Calanque 248.7212

Skill level: Intermediate.

Needles required for this pattern are 3 mm and 3.5 mm. It also requires 2 black skull buttons.

The recommended yarn for this pattern and the colour as in the photograph is listed in the table above which gives the number of balls needed per size.

This and other shades of this yarn can be seen by clicking HERE and other makes, types and shades of yarn are in the Yarns section.

Price BEFORE Discount: 6.90

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