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Advice Pages

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Knitting Tips
Ladies' Size Chart
Baby & Children Size Chart

Knitting Tips

BEGINNERS: The Bergere pattern books contain illustrated instructions for basic knitting and crochet, with hints and tips. In our pattern details on this AvidKnit site we have graded the patterns as Easy, Intermediate or Expert - so starting with one described as Easy would be a good idea. We recommend that, on this site, you start by going to Patterns for Beginners (click here), select a pattern that might appeal to you, clicking to get the full details, and if still interested, then to order the pattern book, and the recommended yarn pack for the size that you want, and the needles. Then you will have everything that you need to get started and without having to make too many decisions.

Ladies' Size Chart

The chart below may help explain the sizing "Small/Medium/Large" etc in terms of measurements and UK sizing for ladies.

Bust in cmBust in inchesUK Sizing
XS Extra Small74-8129-326-8
S Small82-8932-3510-12
M Medium90-9735.5-3814-16
L Large98-10538.5-41.518-20
XL Extra Large106-11541.5-4522-24
XXL Extra Extra Large116-12545.9-4926-28
XXXL Extra Extra Extra Large126-13549.5-5330-32

Baby & Children Size Chart

The chart below may help with choosing the size for a baby or child relating height to age.

AgeHeight in cmHeight in inchesChest in cm
1 month542137
3 months6023.540
6 months6726.544
12 months742948
24 months863452
4 years90-104
6 years105-116
8 years117-128
10 years129-140

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